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Episode 70: The ULTIMATE Stay-cation

Actress Catherine Deneuve on the set of "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"

With the summer season well underway here in Toronto, Canada and all the blockbusters trickling their way into the local cineplex in a steady stream week to week, we here at CMC are wondering what else might be out there to quench a film lovers thirst during the dog days of summer.  Ryan McNeil, of The Matinee Web blog and podcast joins CMC host Greg Ashman in an exercise of podcast verite to answer this vital question.

Luckily, TIFF ‘s summer 2012 programme is offering an exciting selection of new releases (Camera d’Or winner, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, plus a 4K digital restorration of the original summer blockbuster, 1975′s “Jaws”), the Summer in France lineup (including “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, Jean-Luc Godard’s “Weekend”, including standards and rare gems from master directors the likes of Truffaut, Renoir, Pialat, and Ophuls, to name a few).  Greg talks up his excitement for the Merchant Ivory retrospective which kicks off June 19th, while both hosts gush about the coming retrospectives: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: The Blonde in Fifties Hollywood Cinema as well as Schwartzenegger/Stallone: The Rise of Beefcake Cinema which will bring action classics like Terminator 2: Judgement Day and First Blood back to the big screen in all their blood splattery 1980′s glory.

If you live in/near Toronto or plan on visiting the city during the summer, be sure to check out Ryan’s excellent run down of Free Movie Screenings happening around the the city.  TIFF IN THE PARK will be offering up such screwball comedy classics from Raising Arizona to 1934′s “It Happened One Night”.  It is going to be a great time!!  Thanks again to Ryan for co-hosting this episode, and be sure to check out his site and podcast which both can be found at



Intro Music- “Two Girls From Little Rock “-  from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Closing Clip- Theatrical Trailer- “The Bride Wore Black” (1967)

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06 2012

Episode 52: TIFF Upper Lip

Corey, Greg, and Ryan are back with another week of TIFF talk – we’re sharing our thoughts on this year’s festival, and reviewing some of the films we got to see along the way.

Films Reviewed: Ten Year, Hardcore Logo 2, Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, Smuggler, From Up On Poppy Hill, The Silver Cliff, God Bless America, Monsieur Lazhar, Tyrannosaur, Violet and Daisy, Where Do We Go Now?


Intro Clip: Ellie Goulding – Little Dreams
Outro Music: Who The Hell Do You Think You Are (Hard Core Logo OST)

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09 2011

Episode 50: TIFF 2011 Preview: From Mom to Bobby Hill

CriticalMassCast turns 50 this week!  In honour of the special occasion, CMC hosts Corey Pierce and Gregory Ashman are pleased to be joined by guest host, Ryan McNeil of The Matinee podcast and web blog to discuss festival culture and their most anticipated films for the upcoming 36th Annual presentation of the Toronto International Film Festival running from September 8- September 18th in Toronto, Canada.

TIFF 2011 Films previewed: Shame, Urbanized, Hard Core Logo II, Extraterrestrial, Your Sister’s Sister, Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, RampartSmuggler, God Bless America, From Up on Poppy Hill, Martha Marcy Mary Marlene, The Skin I Live In



Intro music: Festival- Chuck Berry

Outro music: The Show- Lenka from the self-titled album, Lenka

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09 2011

Episode 38: ORANGE is the new red

As the Canadian federal election quickly approaches, CriticalMassCast offers up its last two cents on recent events which have seen Jack Layton’s NDP surging ahead of the Liberals as the new centrist party in the country.  We haven’t forgotten about our film/pop culture news though… Cindy is back on the show and gives us her views on Joe Wright’s “Hanna” and we also discuss recent Hobbit news, the final Harry Potter trailer, Hot Docs sensation “Beauty Day” and much more…


Intro track- The Littlest Hobo theme song

Outro track- The Crystal Cat- Dan Deacon from the album Spiderman of the Rings

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04 2011

Episode 37: Hanna and other assorted movie epicness

Welcome back to CriticalMassCast for Episode 37!!  In this episode, Corey and Greg provide a full break down of director Joe Wright’s electronica-twinged action epic, Hanna starring Saorise Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett.  We follow up with a chat on what we have been watching lately including Corey’s recent trip to one of Toronto’s newest repertory theatres: The Toronto Underground Cinema for their Defending the Indefensible event- an exciting and unique film series that reinforces the value of film critique with a live debate on the value of a film before the screening, whether you love it or hate it.  Corey defends one of their recent offerings:  The Wachowski Brothers cult classic, Speed Racer.

Other films reviewed: Rubber, the Scream series, Arthur, Your Highness



Intro Track: The Devil is in the Details- The Chemical Brothers- Hanna OST

Outro Track: Hanna’s Theme- The Chemical Brothers- Hanna OST

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04 2011

Episode 34: RIP, Liz

Greg, Cindy, Ryan and Corey bid farewell to screen legend, gay icon, and bona-fide superstar Elizabeth Taylor. Plus: a sneak peek at this year’s Hot Docs festival (featuring an in-depth look at Beauty Day), more film reviews, and a recap of Sarah McLachlan’s concert at Massey Hall.

TCM: 24-Hour Elizabeth Taylor Movie Tribute

Film Reviews
Beauty Day, How Do You Know, I Am Number Four, Jane Eyre, Dogtooth, The Village, PaulI Saw The Devil

Concert Reviews
Sarah McLachlan @ Massey Hall


Beauty Day Trailer from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

Intro Clip: Captain Planet Theme
Outro Music: Sarah McLachlan – Ice Cream

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03 2011

Episode 28: We don’t need another hero… or do we?

In what will definitely be the final episode of 2010 (we just can’t get enough!), Cindy and I attempt all-out geek reviews of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 as well as the Walden Media cinematic abortion (spoiler?) that was The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  But what would the holidays be without the old classics?  We end off with a discussion of the Frank Capra classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the Soulpepper stage production of “A Christmas Carol” which is currently running in Toronto, Canada from December 6-30, 2010.

Happy Holidays and join us for the start of another year of CriticalMassCast in January when we tackle our top 10 films of 2010!!


Intro Music: Bluebeard- from the album Four-Calendar Café (Cocteau Twins)

Outro Music: Nina’s Dream- Black Swan Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Clint Mansell)

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12 2010

Flashback: Holiday Cavalcade of Film!!

The Cast of "Peter's Friends"

Before we record and post our first anniversary show and final episode for 2010, we thought it would be fun to post our holiday show from last year where Ryan and I waxed nostalgic on the holiday films nearest and dearest to our Christmas hearts.  Some of the films we cover include: Peter’s Friends, The Holiday, A Christmas Carol, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Love Actually and even the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special... and that is just for starters!!



Total Run Time: 53:18

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12 2010

Episode 23: TIFF Reviews, Part II

This week, we review 10 more films we saw at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival:

The Town ** & ***
Monsters ***
The Big Picture ****
Trigger ****
Special Treatment ** 1/2
Little White Lies ****
Les Amours Imaginaires *** & *** 1/2
The Conspirator *** 1/2
Ceremony **
Tabloid ***
The Trip * 1/2

* - Poor
** - Average
*** – Good
**** - Excellent



Intro Music: The Knife – Pass This On
Outro Music: Dalida – Bang Bang

Total run time: 45:08
File Size: 65MB



10 2010

Episode 22: TIFF Reviews, Part I

This week, we review 10 films we’ve seen during the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival:

The King’s Speech ****
Amazon Falls **
The Illusionist
Rabbit Hole
Easy A
Beginners ****
Norwegian Wood
*** 1/2
Meek’s Cutoff
Blue Valentine
Kaboom ** 1/2

* – Poor
** – Average
*** – Good
**** – Excellent


Total run time: 45:52
File Size: 44MB



10 2010

Episode 20: TIFF Preview

We’re back! And just in time for the Toronto International Film Festival. This week is all about the TIFF buzz in the city – and we discuss which films we’re looking forward to seeing most.



Total run time: 48:08
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09 2010

Episode 19: Return of the 90s

The return of Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair has us waxing nostalgic for the 90s, a decade full of music we love/hate. We discuss the evolution of girl pop over the last two decades, review several new releases and TV shows, and provide an update on the TIFF 2010 gala presentations.

Concert Review: Lilith 2010
Film Reviews:
Despicable Me, Salt, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
DVD Reviews: Winter Light
(Criterion Edition), BBC’s Beautiful People
TV Reviews: Mad Men (Season 4), Pillars of the Earth

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: M4A Enhanced Podcast

The New York Times – Girl Pop’s Lady GaGa Makeover
Press Release - TIFF 2010 Gala Presentations

Intro Music: Sarah McLachlan – Building a Mystery
Outro Music: Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

Total run time: 1:07:27
File Size: 98.1MB



08 2010